Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

Clean Environment Help The Earth

Author: Pritania Titaz | SMS Blast 360
Once a year you commemorate the environment, but until now do you already become an environmentally sound. Many different ways the government socialized to prevent global warming. Everything done with the aim of making your life in the future become more comfortable.

Reducing plastic waste is one way to prevent global warming, the use of recycled bags when shopping to supermarket help reduce plastic. Promotion of the use of recycling bags can be campaigned by anyone via SMS Blast. Recycling bags been sold with attractive motifs so people would not be ashamed to wear it. Creative act by promoting recycling bag you made wtih friends and to all mobile users using SMS Blast. Many of available service to send SMS Gateway at a low price even for free. Invite all your relatives to bring recycling bags or reusable bags (Ziploc) when shopping at the supermarket. Or jointly make recycled paper and modified into a shopping bag. If at any time you forget to bring a shopping bag, put your groceries into a backpack or pocket if it is small, or you can simply take it by hand. Explain to the cashier why you do not want to use plastic, they will understand.

The biggest cause of flood is coming from waste plastic, because plastic is extremely hard substance that burned was destroyed when its smoke would damage the ozone layer which can also cause global warming. Use a bag of packaging waste recycled detergent or fabric bags for environmentally friendly and helped reduce plastic waste. With little things like that you already become the savior of the earth. Beside that you can have clean environment so you will healthy.

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