Minggu, 26 Juni 2011

Support Your Campaign With SMS Blast Method

Author: Riani Astryana

When the Campaign In Indonesia Years 2009, an explosion usage of SMS Blast from a variety of legislative candidates and participants. Communication technologies were increasingly sophisticated to explore the usage of SMS Blast during the campaign was shown to reduce the cost of campaigns that are usually not small. But not infrequently campaign methods such as this would open opportunities for participants who were orthodox on their legislative candidates to conduct large - scale confrontation for the sake of getting votes. This certainly would be very annoying cell phone users' personal space homeland. 

SMS Blast 360

The use of SMS Blast technology is a lot of interest because the blast is efficient, practical, and efficient and does not damage the environment. As in the years in which the use of this service is not yet familiar, our view will be disturbed by the number of banners, posters, banners and flags of the party campaigning. It has proven to be minimized as happened in the elections of 2009 yesterday, which almost 50% done via SMS Blast campaign methods, in addition to methods for distributing brochures, pamphlet, posters and the like, by doing the SMS Masking sender, so that no number listed but the user name and on behalf of the agency making a campaign. 

Party General Elections Commission (KPU) does allow various methods of campaigning during the election season, rather than the quiet period 3 days before polling day, including campaigns via SMS Blast. This requires awareness and responsibility of the users of the service, including sensitivity to people who receive an SMS, to report any acts of infringement or SMS content that is too disturbing to the Election Supervisory Committee (Panitia Pengawas Pemilih / Panwaslu).

Inability provider or operator cellular make tracking down to the name of the sender is correct, when there are violations of ethics campaigns via SMS Blast; make the government is difficult to limit the circulation of an SMS Blast. So far, that can be done by mobile operators in sending SMS Blast tracking was limited to the area, and even then if the sender's phone number registered with valid data. Widespread use of SMS Blast when the campaign is also opening opportunities for black actors campaign, the contents of his campaign is usually a confrontation, cornering the opponent, or even offers the promise that was too excessive. 

The frequency of sending SMS is also the important things that must be considered either by the provider SMS Blast service providers, as well as the users themselves, and must involve cellular operators therein. The more frequent users of SMS Blast in the campaign send SMS at random, the more disturbing personal space accepting SMS. This indicates a low level of sensitivity to ethics in communicating the sender. Content SMS campaign brief, clear, effective, not excessive and appreciated friend and foe alike, will foster an appreciation of the SMS recipient and the recipient did not rule out a supporter of party campaigning.

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